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Doc# 3.2.4

If you are already an established supplier and no changes to your facilty have been made in the last calendar please fill out the small questionnaire below and submit your current GFSI Certification (SQF, BRC)

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Minimum Requirements for Food Suppliers or Distributors:

1. Any changes to the label, ingredient statement, or recipes (even if it does not change the ingredient statement); but especially allergen status changes, must be communicated in writing 30 days prior to receipt of materials with the changes.

2. All FDA and any other appropriate state or federal regulatory compliance are to be adhered to including the requirements of the Sanitary Food Transportation Act and Bioterrorism Act. This means all trucks must arrive with the seal in-tact or with a lock in place until a Cookies n Milk Inc employee inspects it or removes it. A delivery may be refused if it does not arrive in this condition.

3. COAs or Certificates of Compliance must be submitted with the shipment or via email to: no later than material receipt or delivery. This applies to both raw material ingredients and packaging materials that come in direct contact with foods.

4. Products must arrive at Cookies n Milk with at least 50% of the shelf-life remaining.

5. Products must be packaged to prevent spillage, leakage or “sifting out” during transportation or storage.

6. Infested, contaminated, damaged, off odor, wrong ingredients, or previously unapproved substitutions will be refused at the dock.

7. Partial pallets with mixed products or mixed lot codes must be identified on the exterior of the pallet(s).

8. The Bill of Lading must include the lot code(s) for each item received. This is relevant to both ingredients and packaging materials
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